Sensory Impairment

We provide advocacy support for people with sensory impairments to have their views heard about the support and care they receive.

An advocate can support with issues such as:

  • Community care assessments and reviews
  • If someone needs help to understand how community care works
  • If someone needs support in making a complaint to health and social care services
  • Decisions about moving into or out of residential care
  • Support at meetings with professionals
  • Accessing information about your disability or condition

Advocacy Support For People With Sensory Impairments

Southern Advocacy Services advocates for people with sensory impairments to ensure they have a voice. Advocating for a person with severe sensory impairments can be challenging, but our trained Advocates are very adept at "thinking outside the box" to obtain the persons true thoughts and feeling on specific issues.

If you need help to speak up for yourself we provide advocacy support

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